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Broker & Referral Partners2017-03-06T19:54:45-05:00

Alliance Business Capital appreciates all of our Broker and Referral Partners.

If you have a Commercial Real Estate Deal that you’re seeking financing for then you have come to the right place. No one will work harder to try and structure a deal that works for your borrower.

Please review the below information to familiarize yourself with how Alliance operates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alliance a Direct Lender2016-12-13T19:36:01-05:00

Alliance does not directly fund any loans at the present time. We currently rely on our Lending Partners to fund deals originated by Alliance. We do anticipate direct funding of Bridge Loans at some point in the future and will provide more information on that at a future date.

What Tyes Of Loans Are Available Through Alliance2016-12-05T18:42:11-05:00

Alliance offers Commercial Real Estate Loans primarily, however we may also be able to assist an established Business with a Working Capital Loan up to $150,000.

Please visit our Loan Programs Page for more information.

Loan Programs
Why Partner with Alliance2016-12-13T19:34:31-05:00

We can think of a few good reasons why you should do business with Alliance.

  1. Trust – you can trust that the borrower is in good hands with Alliance
  2. Packaging – Alliance understands how to properly package a Commercial Loan Package to enhance chances for Approval
  3. Closing Percentage – We have closed 100% of the SBA Loans where one of our Lending Partners has issued an LOI that the Borrower moved forward with
  4. Communication – we keep you advised and in the loop every step of the way
How do I get paid on a deal2016-12-05T18:12:11-05:00

On SBA Loans any fee(s) paid to you would need to be paid outside of closing by the borrower. We do not charge any points on SBA Loans. In some instances Alliance may be able to pay a referral fee of .5 to 1% to approved broker partners. (This depends on the Investor funding the loan)

On Conventional Loans we can incorporate your fee with Alliance Fees up to the maximum allowed by Investor.

How do I get started with Alliance2016-12-05T18:35:01-05:00

We’re glad you asked.

First and foremost we want to know who we’re dealing with so we would ask that you complete our Broker Package. Next Alliance has our own set of Loan Forms which we need to get completed in order to submit a Loan for Approval to an Underwriter.

Have questions – Contact Us

Download our Broker Package

Please feel free to Contact Us with additional questions. We welcome your inquiry.

Submitting a Loan to Alliance

Alliance prefers that you use Alliance Loan Forms whenever possible when submitting a Commercial Loan to Alliance.

These are the forms we use on every loan submission to an Alliance Lending Partner. We need these form on all owners holding a 20% or more ownership interest in the Borrowing Entity.

There are several forms that are specific to an SBA Loan. We have designed an SBA Loan Intake Form that each owner holding a 20% or more ownership interest in the borrowing entity needs to complete.

Once we receive that form back we will be able to start/complete most of the SBA Forms for the borrower.

SBA Intake Form

Alliance will work hard on any loan you refer to us, however we have certain procedures that we must follow on each and every submission. Please review these before submitting a loan to Alliance.

  1. Alliance will need to be able to talk directly to the Borrower before we can submit a loan to any of our Lending Partners (no exceptions)
  2. Alliance will need to pull a credit report unless you have a recent (within 30 days) tri-merged. (We can not accept credit reports that the borrower purchases online). If you have not pulled a credit report Alliance will need to get an Alliance Authorization completed so we can pull credit. The borrower does have to pay for that.
  3. We will need Id’s on all guarantors/owners who hold a 20% or more ownership interest in the borrowing entity. (must be a clear photo)
  4. We need a Business Profile form completed
  5. We will also need the last 3 years Business Financials (Tax Returns) and a Current Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement with Balance Sheet. (balance sheet only needed on refinances) Please note we need the complete tax return with all schedules including K1 Statements,
  6. If the borrower has other Business Interests we are going to need the most recent 3 years Business Tax Returns along with a Current Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. We will need this information on all entities where the guarantor/owner has a 20% or more ownership interest. (if they have ownership in 6 Companies we will need the above information on all 6 Companies) We can not complete a global cash flow analysis without this information.

We’re Here To Help You Close More Commercial Loan Deals!

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